C.M. Souvenirs

Souvenirs designed and produced in Italy.

Who we are

We are an innovative start-up, entirely dedicated to the development and production of innovative souvenirs.

Despite having started our activity at the beginning of the pandemic we didn’t desist, we persisted in our adventure and in August we launched a souvenir for the European market.

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Our adventure step by step

Click on the dots to discover our progresses day by day.

June 2019: An idea is born…

August 2019: First meeting with our printing partners

November 2019: Discussions with the vending machine producers.

November 2019: Every complex project needs a lawyer.

November 2019:First design samples are delivered.

December 2019: Prototypes are ready

December 2019: Ok. The prototype looks great!

January 2020: Meetings with engineers to discuss the vending machine.

January 2020: Website and marking material under construction.

May 2020: Website is now online. Alas the coronavirus has arrived.

April/May 2020: We continue our activities exclusively online. Everything slows down.

May 2020: Final checks with our lawyer.

June/July 2020: It looks like the pandemic is finally slowing down.

August 2020: The first eight souvenirs are placed on the market.

Where to find us

C.M. Souvenirs di Canonico Marinella

Registered Office:
Via B. Palazzo, 185/B
24125 Bergamo (BG)

Telephone (Italian):
Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00.


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